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Day 3 May 5, 2009

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Day 3

Crazy#3  was off to bed and we wanted to play a game with the older boys. Crazy#1 comes out holding the Satan’s child game TROUBLE. Have you ever played this stupid game? No? Well. Let me break it down for you. You push on this bubble thing. It causes the die to move. If you get a 1 or a 6 you get to move a guy out of  what I lovingly refer to as purgatory. Otherwise, you sit there like an idiot while everyone moves their guys out and go on to actually play the game. While you sit there and wait for a stupid 1 or 6 to appear. MY husband HATES this game. And I don’t mean…kinda doesn’t like it. He loathes this game.  For one? Crazy#2  ALWAYS wins! Seriously! Every single time we have played? Crazy#2 wins. And then it’s no fun to just win, right? He has to do the I win and you all suck dance .

ANYWAY…..I started thinking about it lastnight as I laid in bed unable to sleep, as usual. And I started thinking how much this game mirrors  LIFE. ( Seriously? Don’t judge me until you have had to endure an hour long game of TROUBLE!)   So? You sit and wait to get ahead. You go by the rules . You wait for it…wait for it. Yeah. No! And you keep working your ass off thinking your finally going to catch a break and roll that much coveted 1 or 6. And THEN after an eternity you get a break. You think. SWEET! Hell’s yeah! Got a break! Rolled a 1 and I am outta here! And so your playing the game. Playing the game. And then someone comes behind you and bumps you out of your spot and then your back at the beginning.

And , of course, your not just going to quit right? So no matter how many times the other player comes and bumps you out you keep going. Because at the end of the day? Who wants a nine year old laughing at them??


Day 2 May 4, 2009

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img_8121  Day 2

I was the crazy pregnant woman. You know? The one who honestly thought that if you put headphones on your ever-growing abdomenully shape who we are as  and played music…baby would come out with a violin in one hand and a copy of Shakespear in the other.With Crazy#1 I played alot of jazz and classical music. Don’t ask me why because I really don’t like classical music. With Crazy#2 I played alot of rock and hip hop. And with Crazy#3 I played alot of …whatever was in the ipod.  I can remember telling my husband that Crazy#3 already had his music preference and was already quite smart. He , of course, laughed at me and kind of gave me that Oh-You-Poor-Thing look that my husband often gives me . So? I was determined to make him see that he was wrong and I was right ( this strategy rarely works by the way). I put on a soft, mellow song. Crazy#3 stayed calm and didn’t kick. I put on some good ‘ol Rage Against the Machine and Crazy#3 went….well….CRAZY! Kicking and moving. Then…back to mellow song. Nothing. Back to rock…..CRAZY!! Husband STILL gave me the Oh-You-Poor-Thing look but looked like he might be willing to consider joining the darkside with me and Crazy#3.

Once Crazy#3 was born I began reading to him. Talking to him as if he were an adult. I would talk to him all day. Everything I did in the course of day was explained to him in discriptive words. My point to talking to him like an adult? Well. So, that by six months of age, he would be a genius! Duh! And he IS smart. His verbal skills are pretty advanced for a 22 month old. He knows what your sayin’ and …usually ignores it! The point ( OKAY! I’m getting to that!) is that education has been very important to me with Crazy#1,Crazy#2 and Crazy#3. If you ask Crazy#1 and 2 what their life plan is? They will say that ,” AFTER I go to college…..cuz’ mom says she’ll kill me if I don’t go to college.” ( CPS? Don’t come knocking on my door. I wouldn’t REALLY kill them if they didn’t go to college but THEY don’t know that!) Anyway, I work on the educational stuff. However, I have YET to get a picture of Crazy#3 holding a book while intently looking over the pages. Or dorning a sweet beret while lounging in a chair listening to Bach. But I did get this picture. A picture of what he and daddy have been working on for…oh a day or two. And I sit here and smile. And laugh at how these precious moments are the ones that trully shape who we are as person.


Day 1 May 2, 2009

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Random fun-ness

Random fun-ness

I have decided to embark on a new adventure. I call it ” Life. One picture at a time “. My great plan is to take and post at least one new photo  everyday for 365 days. ( Otherwise known to some as a year…um..okay!) This adventure, mind you, does not take into fact the VERY probable reality that my very old computer will most likely crash soon. Thus? Posting anything will be slightly more difficult. This also does not take into account the possibility that our house is hit by the media -induced -panic of swine flu    flu.  However, until either of those unfortunates happen? Your stuck with me!
Here is Day 1.
My little Nate ( OK, not so little anymore but will always be MY little Nate)…he has been collecting these little guys for about a year. I think the longest he has ever , seriously, maintained a collection of anything. Usually whatever big bro gets, collects or wants? Nate also wants. This is his first, independent collection. His first not-following-in-big-brothers-footsteps collection. It makes me so proud to see him doing something separate and different than his brother. And yet? It also makes me a little sad to see him growing up. Where or where did the time go?