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Day 1 May 2, 2009

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Random fun-ness

Random fun-ness

I have decided to embark on a new adventure. I call it ” Life. One picture at a time “. My great plan is to take and post at least one new photo  everyday for 365 days. ( Otherwise known to some as a year…um..okay!) This adventure, mind you, does not take into fact the VERY probable reality that my very old computer will most likely crash soon. Thus? Posting anything will be slightly more difficult. This also does not take into account the possibility that our house is hit by the media -induced -panic of swine flu    flu.  However, until either of those unfortunates happen? Your stuck with me!
Here is Day 1.
My little Nate ( OK, not so little anymore but will always be MY little Nate)…he has been collecting these little guys for about a year. I think the longest he has ever , seriously, maintained a collection of anything. Usually whatever big bro gets, collects or wants? Nate also wants. This is his first, independent collection. His first not-following-in-big-brothers-footsteps collection. It makes me so proud to see him doing something separate and different than his brother. And yet? It also makes me a little sad to see him growing up. Where or where did the time go?


One Response to “Day 1”

  1. Georgetta Says:

    Awwwww, keep posting them. There are people out here like me that like to know what’s going on with and the kids. And since I don’t work or have a life… I have lots of time to snoop.

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