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Day 3 May 5, 2009

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Day 3

Crazy#3  was off to bed and we wanted to play a game with the older boys. Crazy#1 comes out holding the Satan’s child game TROUBLE. Have you ever played this stupid game? No? Well. Let me break it down for you. You push on this bubble thing. It causes the die to move. If you get a 1 or a 6 you get to move a guy out of  what I lovingly refer to as purgatory. Otherwise, you sit there like an idiot while everyone moves their guys out and go on to actually play the game. While you sit there and wait for a stupid 1 or 6 to appear. MY husband HATES this game. And I don’t mean…kinda doesn’t like it. He loathes this game.  For one? Crazy#2  ALWAYS wins! Seriously! Every single time we have played? Crazy#2 wins. And then it’s no fun to just win, right? He has to do the I win and you all suck dance .

ANYWAY…..I started thinking about it lastnight as I laid in bed unable to sleep, as usual. And I started thinking how much this game mirrors  LIFE. ( Seriously? Don’t judge me until you have had to endure an hour long game of TROUBLE!)   So? You sit and wait to get ahead. You go by the rules . You wait for it…wait for it. Yeah. No! And you keep working your ass off thinking your finally going to catch a break and roll that much coveted 1 or 6. And THEN after an eternity you get a break. You think. SWEET! Hell’s yeah! Got a break! Rolled a 1 and I am outta here! And so your playing the game. Playing the game. And then someone comes behind you and bumps you out of your spot and then your back at the beginning.

And , of course, your not just going to quit right? So no matter how many times the other player comes and bumps you out you keep going. Because at the end of the day? Who wants a nine year old laughing at them??


One Response to “Day 3”

  1. Georgetta Says:

    LOL you write a good blog! And you right, life is a game of trouble for some of us, while others breeze by.

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