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The rum never ran out June 18, 2009

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Peace   This past weekend we went camping. Truth  be told it was a less than perfect camping trip. There was one particular person who was just a total and complete brat the entire weekend.   Didn’t like this…didn’t like that. Was visably upset about one thing or another most of the weekend.  The kind of unhappy that makes everyone else uncomfortable and on edge.

Don’t get me wrong. The camping trip was a bit doomed even without Ms. Unhappy . It rained on and off for most of the day on Saturday. It was cold and damp. Our plans to spend the day on the boat were interupted. Tents got flooded. Sleeping bags got soaked. Plans were changing constantly based on what the weather was that hour.

And still? Despite the nasty weather. Despite a certain someone’s less than cheerful attitude? We managed to have our fun.The kids still had fun. They got to run in the rain and the mud. They built forts.We took lots of nature walks. Who knew collecting sticks could be so much fun? At one point we got a short break in the rain and Crazy#1 and his good friend were able to take off in the kayaks for an on- the- lake adventure. 

Despite the rain our campfire never went out. The BBQ kept working and spit out some of the most amaizng tri-tip I have ever tasted.  We all huddled under our EZ up and managed to stay dry during the heaviest downpours. My husband and I took every sleeping bag we own which came to about 10. And somehow at the end of the night he and I ended up in our truck with one sleeping bag. And you know what? It was okay. It all worked out in the end. I realized ,after this weekend, that our family can get through anything. We can find the beauty and the laughter no matter what life throws our way. We’ve lost alot this past year. A son. A great grandmother. A great grandfather. A job. 

More importantly is WHAT we haven’t lost. We haven’t lost our ability to smile. To love. To be kind to each other and those around us. To pick ourselves up and keep on going.

 I  don’t think we will be going camping with Ms.Unhappy ever again. Life is just way to short to be wasted on certain people’s attitudes.  Life is an every changing adventure that you cannot control. But as far as this weekend ? I’m happy to say…….

 The rum never ran out!!


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