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This is a joke, right? June 24, 2009

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Crazy#3Me and Crazy#3

You came into our lives like a wave….crashing in on us and completely consuming our hearts and our souls. We were scared and slightly less than prepared. What kind of mom could I possibly be to a third son? How could I possibly love a third child as completely and deeply as the first two? Would I still remember how to rock a screaming baby to sleep? Would I remember how to  change a diaper?  What if I dropped him? Worse yet, what if he took one look at me and thought,” This is a joke, right?”


But here you are two years later..I never dropped you ( that whole, rolling off the bed thing? Yeah! That was ALL you!) You have actually had more than just one diaper change over the past 24 months. And yes, I do think that squirting the Caprisun is WAY more fun than actually drinking it! I can’t believe how fast two years has gone by. Happy 2nd birthday baby! Thank you for hanging in there with us!


Mom and Dad


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