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People are so amazing…… September 21, 2009

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I was having a really rough day last week. I hadn’t been on my blog in a few days. I logged in and here was this amazing, heartfelt hug ( of sorts) to me from Christy at A Piece of the Pearson’s. Thank you Christy! You are a sweetheart and you made my day!!!  The Honest Scrap award is an award given to bloggers who write honestly from their heart, from the depth of their soul.

I gift this award to:

1.)  Angie at Keep Believing  ( I wish I could hug you)

2.) Shannon (aka. Mr.Lady) at Whiskey in my Sippy Cup  ( My brother turned me onto your blog a couple of weeks after my son passed away. You have no idea how much your blog helped me to laugh at the times when I needed it so desperately!)

3.) Heather at The Spohrs Are Multiplying ( You have touched me and I am forever grateful to you for letting me and so many of us into your life)

4.) Mike at  The Newborn Identity


And now the 10 not-so-exciting things about myself:

1.) I cannot and I stress CANNOT make a soft chocolate chip cookie to save my life. Do your kids play hockey? yeah? send them over after I have massacred baked chocolate chip cookies.

2.) I used to run a bartending school in San Francisco and I absolutely LOVED my job!

3.) I have to sleep with a blanket….it could be 110 degrees outside but I have to have a blanket on me when i sleep.

4.) Crazy #2 is taking guitar lessons and I have begged him to teach me what he learns at each lesson so I can play too….two for one kind of deal? 

5.) Almost got arrested when I was 18 for lighting off illegal fireworks ( with the help of a few others who shall remain nameless) at a closed down airport in California.

6.)Hate video games…….the last time I played a video game and loved it was River Raid and the video game system?? Atari!  And I was like ….9.

7.) Photography is a passion of mine….love my camera. Love to capture every moment possible. Also….I hate to have my own picture taken. Do not look good in pictures!

8.) I am a Raider fan. Love football. Wish my team didn’t suck so bad though!

9.) I am deathly allergic to shellfish…..shrimp. Lobster. Crab. All of the good stuff? Nope. Can’t eat it.  Also..spiders.

10.) When the first rain of the year comes? I love to wake my kids up and have all of us go and splash in the mud and the puddles!!!