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This one’s for my bff January 31, 2010

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I hate having my picture taken. And when I say hate? I really do mean HATE!! Not just a little camera shy but in-front-of- camera-terrifed!With each pregnancy I have…oh..MAYBE two pictures of myself. Seeing that this is my fifth pregnancy, it’s really sad that I only have a handful of pictures cataloging my pregnancies. This came back to bite me in the ass this past year and a half. When Ethan passed away I remember desperately searching through pictures. Hoping that MAYBE  I had accidently been captured in the corner of one. Or maybe a certain friend had DARED to snap a fast picture when I wasn’t looking. But the sad truth is that because everyone who know me knows I HATE having my picture taken? There were no such accidental photos to be found…anywhere.  Damn my friends for actually listening to me and respecting my  phobia!

This time I decided I am going to get brave!I am going to conquer this stupid fear I have. Instead of hiding behind the camera I am going to get in front of the camera. I am not going to promise anything glamorous or breathtaking. I am not going to promise that you won’t be subjected to pregnant acne and bad hair. Or even the occasional wardrobe malfunction. But I promise that I WILL be a valiant warrior about getting in front of the camera! ( To a certain bff….consider this your birthday, christmas ( ha ha, oh wait…same day,huh?)…valentines day and everything gift rolled into one this year!) Please, no applause!

SO….here it goes…..


2 Responses to “This one’s for my bff”

  1. Christy Says:

    Okay, this is where you’ve been. I”ll change my address I have for you so I can stalk you more often. I’ve been missing your updates and hoping so badly that everything is going wonderful for you. I was pleasantly amused to read your updates. Your picture is stunning–you wear this baby well Kristy. Many hugs to you. I know it has to be tough…I can only imagine….in fact I imagine it often. But you look great and healthy and hearing that everything looks perfect just fits.
    Thank you for your words on my blog. You have no idea how much it helped me get through that time of “seriously wanting to lash out” through stupid effing FB. I look forward to your comments and will be checking in on you, of course. Take care of yourself and take LOTS of pictures. Please!

  2. Tia Brown Says:

    I guess talking a lot of smack is what gets you mentioned in blogland. You look so beautiful in this pic. I love it. I cannot wait to hold that handsome little boy (hopefully this one looks like you) no offense hubby! I love you guys & I’m so happy for you! Kiss that crew of boys for me. T

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