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It REALY is the simple things February 15, 2010

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Valentine’s Day. Yeah. I’m not really a HUGE Valentine’s Day fan. I’m not a conspiracy theory kind of person either but I DO think the whole day is a huge gimic. It’s a day that makes  men all over the world shudder with fear and wake up  with a huge case of “race-gut” when they realize that they did, in fact, forget to buy a gift! I am the kind of woman who would not find the romance in my husband dropping $50 on a dozen roses that may or may not last more than two hours in our home. Once Crazy #3 located this beautiful , yet overpriced arrangement, I have no doubt that I would find a romantic trail leading from the vase to his beloved lunchbox filled with broken ” motor-gikos”. ( That would be “motorcycles” in english). I am the kind of woman who would think that same $50 could have bought a years supply of toilet paper at Costco or something REALLY cool like that. HOWEVER…..this year I found myself enjoying the simple things….

Like the chance to use the one tablecloth I own as well as our cloth napkins. ( Yes. I KNOW Martha Stewart would not find my table setting to her standards but c’mon. A for effort, right?)
A plate of bloody carnage that I didn’t have to cook! I mean, REALLY! What’s not romantic about that?
And while I am not a huge Valentine’s Day fan. I AM  a huge sucker for a romantic card from my husband. Seriously! A beautiful card that he writes in can carry me for a year! And this year? He really outdid himself.
But the picture that melted my heart and made this Valentine’s Day just perfect was this one. Crazy#1. Crazy#2. Crazy#3. Happy. Together. Smiling. And about to inhale WAY more ice cream than any kid should!
Happy Valentine’s Day !!!

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