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I would! But… April 20, 2010

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I’m 32 weeks along now. And everything has been going smoothly ( if you consider becoming the size of a small village smooth). About a week ago I began having contractions and some mild abdominal cramping. Add to that lower back pain and feeling like a pack of wolves are having a fight on either side of my pelvic bones? Awesome! Sounds like a PAR-TAY, doesn’t it? I called my doctor because, of course, I have been stressing . And I feel dumb for stressing since this IS my 5th pregnancy.

YES! You read that right…5th. No. I am not trying to catch up with Kate  or Mrs. Duggar. It’s just the way things have gone.

My doctor called me after I emailed him. He told me to rest as “often as possible”. I started to laugh and then he laughed and said,” Good luck with three kids, right?” Basically he wants me to rest when I can and to let things go that don’t really need to be done. SO! Here’s my thought pattern….


I WOULD clean that shower …BUT….can’t right now.

I WOULD scrub the kitchen floor on my hands and knees ( because GOD knows it really needs it)….BUT….can’t right now.

I WOULD chase Crazy #3 who has decided that running down the hall with red gatorade is awesome….BUT….can’t right now.

SO…while I am someone who cannot sit still for more than a fleas jump….I am going to do exactly what my doctor says. Because the thought of this little guy coming too early ? Well, it’s more than I can handle.

And really? With four boys to chase after,when is the next time I will get an excuse to NOT clean and run around?


2 Responses to “I would! But…”

  1. Christy Says:

    Kristy–Thinking of you often…..I was hoping to see another pic, but no such luck, huh. I know you are glowing and beautiful, but there is nothing more beautiful than a happy pregnant woman. I can’t imagine the thoughts in your head, though I hope to some day. I know it must be hard, but you have so much joy around you in your “craziness” that you can’t possibly have any time to let your mind think *too* much, right? Sending you happy thoughts….and many blessings.

  2. Tia Brown Says:

    Woo Hoo! Sounds like a party to me and the 5th pregnancy is just a piece of cake. Glad to hear your following orders from someone. Take it easy girl. Love you and try to enjoy these last 6 weeks. T

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