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Eyes closed June 7, 2010

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 True story.

I think…NO ….I am SURE that I changed at least three diapers with my eyes closed lastnight. Do any of you wear contacts? If you do then you know that feeling when you first wake up and your eyes are so dry that if you were to open your eyes all the way your contacts would pop right out. So rather than spend hours hunting around on the carpet for my contact I decided that working with my eyes closed would make more sense.

That is until I woke up this morning and discovered how VERY wrong things can go when done with your eyes  closed.  The dirty diapers never actually made it IN the garbage can but more behind and in front of the garbage can.  And what was up with the baby wipes on the floor? Did I even actually wipe Crazy #5’s butt or just thought I did?? Upon further investigation the baby wipes on the floor were clean and so was Crazy #5’s butt. So I guess however I did it, it worked.

And last but certainly not least….my boobs? Yeah. Not even put back into their rightful place. Nope. Left hanging out of the tank top after the zillionth feeding of a sleepless night.Woke up to a wet side of the bed and that sticky feeling that only comes with breast milk. Good times.

 On the upside, I did get a “How YOU doing?” from the husband who ( for some reason) thought the boobs hanging out of the top was the sexiest thing ever! REALLY??? SO…all in all? I guess I totally have this new baby thing down!!!


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