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Crazy weekend with….the crazies August 23, 2010

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The hubs took off to go play up in Coos Bay for the weekend. I thought…that’s cool. Easy, chill weekend. Crazy #3 was going to be having a sleepover with grandma and grandpa. Crazy#1 was having a friend over ( this sleep over is basically a ton of junk food and endless hours of W.O.W) . And Crazy #2 was also going to his friends house for a sleepover. Sounds like a breeze!!!

Yeah! 7:30pm I call to say goodnite to Crazy#3 and he is crying and insisting that I come and get him! SO. Mommy plus Crazy #4 , Crazy#1 and friend turns into Mommy,Crazy#3, Crazy#4, Crazy #1 and friend.

It actually ended up being a great night. Crazy#3 was SO excited to be home and loved and snuggled all over me! I texted the hubs about 10:00pm and told him that..” I had a VERY handsome, younger man in bed with me”. His response…” Nice babe!!!” Guess we’ve been married long enough that he knows I’m not exactly gonna catch anyone else’s eye with four crazies . Spit up infested shirts and hair. Left over baby pooch. OH! And the sexy..lack of sleep eyes that even makeup can’t help! Good to feel loved!

That was Friday.

Saturday….was honestly a blur! I remember exploding poopy diapers. Cleaning the house like a mad woman for dinner with the mother-in-law on Sunday. Grocery shopping like three times because I am retarded and forget what I went for in the first place ( but DID manage to grab enough wine to ensure sanity during Sunday’s dinner!)

Sunday….spent cleaning like a mad woman yet again. More grocery shopping because I STILL couldn’t manage to actually take the gorcery list that I wrote with me. ( what a concept,right?) Prepped the food for dinner. By prep…this means putting chicken thighs into a ziploc bag. Throwing some kind of bbq sauce and seasoning in there and shaking the bag. GO ME! Sleepover drama resulting in me returning Crazy#2’s friend to his house at about 10:00pm. Another exploding diaper around 11:00pm. A night filled with Crazy #3’s feet, arms, elbows in my face. ( Next morning he said HE slept GREAT!!)

Dinner went off without a hitch. I think so anyway. ( Had a FEW Malibu and Pineapple….goodtimes!)

I managed to keep up with four kids and a house by myself for three days! Even though I can do it on my own I quickly realized how much I missed the hubs! he  makes me laugh and keeps me sane. At least as sane as one can be with four kids. I was like a little kid waiting for him to walk through the door on Sunday. The sweetest sound in the world was the sound of the garage door signaling daddy’s return!! 






3 Responses to “Crazy weekend with….the crazies”

  1. Christy Says:

    I am so glad I’m not the only one who is “shopping list challenged”…either forgetting the list or never looking at it once I’m in the store. 😉

    Your life sounds AWESOME! You are definitely a Crazy woman with Craziness in your life and surrounded by Crazy love! Smiling with you, Kristy–and sending hugs. Would love to share some Malibus with you sometime! ha!

  2. Christy Says:

    Just thought about the comment I left–obviously I’m a crazy person, too, for thinking that your chaos sounds awesome. But I really meant you sound like you are in love and so very loved and for that I am happy for you.

  3. haveuseenmysanity Says:

    LOL….truthfully I LOVE the chaos! I am chaos driven..ha ha. How are YOU???? Check on you everyday to see how your doing. There are definately Malibu’s in our future when your ready!! 😉 Love and hugs!

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