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A long overdo goodbye August 27, 2010

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Crazy#3 and I had a deep conversation today….

Crazy#3-Mommy, where did our kitty go? Did our kitty die?

Me- Yes babe, our kitty died.

Crazy#3-Where did our kitty go mom?

Me-Our kitty went to heaven babe.

Crazy#3-Is she on a jetski?

Me-I bet she is!

Crazy#3- Does she know how to push the buttons?

Me- Oh yeah! And with her wings, I bet she goes SUPER fast on her jetski!

Crazy#3-Why did our kitty die mom?

Me- Our kitty died because she was really old and tired.

Crazy#3-Where did our kitty go?

Me- She went and fell asleep under a tree and now she’s in heaven.

Crazy#3- Did she ride her bike or walk there?

Me- I think she probably rode her bike there!

Crazy#3-That’s cool mom!

Our kitty didn’t JUST die. She disappeared on Cinco de Mayo. She was 14 years old. I bought her when she was a kitten and Crazy#1 was just a few months old. She’s been with me when I was married to my first husband. When Crazy#1 was born. When Crazy#2 was born. When I divorced. When I moved. When I met my husband . When Crazy #3 was born. When I was pregnant with Ethan. When Ethan died. When I was pregnant with Crazy#4. 14 years. Hershey ( thats her name) and I had a real love/hate relationship. Don’t ask me why or how it came to be that way. It’s just the way it was. Hershey didn’t just disappear. I think she knew she was sick. I think she was tired. We drove around and put up signs. I called animal control several times a day. Called shelters several times a day. I like to think that she just went away and fell asleep.

This little conversation with Crazy#3 really hit me. If only we could all see death like a little child does. Not as a scary thing. Not as a final moment. Children see it as a happy and joyful experience. No fear. No sadness. Just the cat chillin’ with the big man jetskiing.

 I miss Hershey. She disappeared 15 days before Crazy#4 was born. It was sad to come home and not have her greeting us at the door . To not have her here to welcome the newest Crazy. When Ethan passed away she would curl up next me no matter where I was. She knew I was hurting. She knew I was lost. And despite our love/hate relationship….she was always  a good friend. A loyal friend. She’s been there through kids…marriage…divorce….new homes…new cities….lost children….

It’s a little over do but I just want to say …I miss you Hershey! Your presence is missed!


One Response to “A long overdo goodbye”

  1. Christy Says:

    Sorry about Hershey–she sounds like an awesome pet. Through the eyes of a child…..if only we could see it that way.

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