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Did I interrupt your day doctor?? September 15, 2010

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So. I am having some postpartum…issues after having Crazy#5. I know it’s supposed to be all hush hush…everything’s GREAT! I’M.JUST.FINE.  Well. I’m NOT great. NOT fine. I feel crazy some days actually. I am irritable as all hell. Seriously. My poor husband asked me if the dishes in the dishwasher were clean this morning??? OH. HELL. TO. THE. NO! You would seriously have thought he asked me to literally wipe his ass for him. I can see him walking VERY slowly when he comes anywhere near me. And how freaking sad is that? I cried a few days ago because Crazy #3 got peanut butter on  the counter RIGHT after I had cleaned it. REALLY? I’ve heard of crying over spilled milk but crying over smudged peanut butter? WTH?

I’ve waited patiently before going in to see my doctor. Crazy # 5 is going to 4 months old in a few days. I have exercised…not that it has helped me lose the weight since I have found a love for Oreo’s ( LOTS OF ‘EM) at about 10:00pm at night! AND chip’s and salsa ALL DAY. But..whatever! I’ve tried the damn exercising. I’ve tried going to my happy place crap. Tried the deep breath crap too!  I finally went in on the 30th of August to see my OB.

I am SO bad at asking for help. Always have been. Always will be. I have tried to talk to a friend and a family member but in the end? They really could give a shit. So? I have been trying to cope. To make myself better. Yeah. It’s just not working. SO I went in to see my doctor. I explained what I was feeling. To this very day I am not really sure what the hell happened.I know I went in. I THINK I told him how I was feeling. Next thing I knew  I was walking out of his office and his last response to me was something along the lines of…” Do less cleaning! Buy paperplates.” Um….WHAT.THE.FUCK.  What will killing more trees do to make me feel better? As if my whole issue is the amount of dishes I have to every day. Um yeah…GO.FUCK.YOURSELF. DOCTOR DUMBASS!

So , I have gone about my BIZNEZZZ for a couple more weeks. My husband is STILL aproaching me like I am a wasps nest that the kids just threw a huge rock at. NOT GOOD.

I made ANOTHER appointment. With a woman doctor. Thinking…she’ll totally get it!! Right? WRONG! She walks in the door and does this…”SIGGGGGHHHHHHHH….so what do you need?” Um. Okay. I am a total tomboy. I am not some girly princess. I don’t need constant maintenance and attention. I can get through anything on my own for the most part. Clearly I am interrupting her day. SO I try to bottom line it for her. ” I am having a really tough time. Can’t seem to get it together. Cry all the time. Irritable. Overhwelmed. Can’t sleep. Yada…yada..yada.”  Swear to GOD to looks at me and says,” SO???? What is the problem? Why are you here??”

Needless to say I wasted a $30 co payment today not to mention my time AND gas money!

 I went to Whole Food’s instead……got some St.John’s Wort ( to help my post partum crap) and some Fenugreek ( to help my milk supply which has suffered at the hands of my issues).

I think more importantly than a doctorate degree, every doctor should have to learn how to actually deal with REAL PEOPLE with REAL FEELINGS!!!



2 Responses to “Did I interrupt your day doctor??”

  1. Christy Says:

    O.M.G. I am so sorry. Both of those doctors were awful to you. I am so sorry I didn’t read this until now. I had my “1 busy week of the year” last week and it had to be when you were going through this. Damn, I wish I was there to help you. Take crazy#5 for you or just go to the park or whatever…..and talk. That is what you need. Just to talk. I know your husband might be a little apprehensive but have you asked him (you know, in VERY.CLEAR.TERMS) for some alone time to just talk? Might help. Gosh, what I wouldn’t give to just be an ear for you. You can call me. I’ll email you my ph #. Just hang in there and know this, too, shall pass. You’ll get through it. You are 110% tough and you will get through it. Our body chemistry is something that we can’t always control, though we think we should (via exercising, eating right, etc.). I hope you find someone to talk to, whomever it may be.

  2. Lea Says:

    Hi There,

    Just checking in… I am so incredibly behind. I am so sorry you are having such a rough go of it. Hormones, grief, being crazy busy and unorganized can play wickedly on our overall health. I am thinking of you and really wish you some peace.

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