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Swear to god I’m gonna start eating dinner with the dog! February 16, 2011

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There’s nothing like busting ass all day.

Running to the store.

Actually starting dinner in the afternoon.

The minute  Crazy #1 and Crazy #2 come home…it’s the great “dinner discussion”.

Makes me freakin insane.

Crazy #1 & #2-” Hi mom! What’s for dinner?”

( I had a great day! THANKS for asking! Really!)

Mom- Spaghetti.

Crazy#2- It’s not THAT spaghetti with the sausage in it …is it?

Mom- Yup! Same Spaghetti I always make.

Crazy#2- Oh.


( But it’s the Oh with the UGHHHHHH at the end of it!)

Crazy#1- SWEET! LOVE your spaghetti!

( Mom makes silent air pumps…Jersey Shore crew would be proud!)

Crazy #2- Can’t you make the spaghetti different?

Mom- Really dude? Do you think this is a cafeteria?


LONG pause…….

Crazy #2- Weellllll…..??? At school our cafeteria gives us TWO options for lunch everyday.

Mom- That’s awesome! Start having dinner there !!!


Sidenote…….Bree our beloved little terrier? Gave her some dry ass…kibble crap . Costs alot but smells like crap! Ate her food with not a single complaint.

Think I’m gonna start eating dinner with the dog! SHE would have been MORE than happy to eat my spaghetti!



Along comes a Rainbow…. February 11, 2011

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Love and hugs to the  PEARSON FAMILY from the CRAWFORD FAMILY!!!