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Swear to god I’m gonna start eating dinner with the dog! February 16, 2011

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There’s nothing like busting ass all day.

Running to the store.

Actually starting dinner in the afternoon.

The minute  Crazy #1 and Crazy #2 come home…it’s the great “dinner discussion”.

Makes me freakin insane.

Crazy #1 & #2-” Hi mom! What’s for dinner?”

( I had a great day! THANKS for asking! Really!)

Mom- Spaghetti.

Crazy#2- It’s not THAT spaghetti with the sausage in it …is it?

Mom- Yup! Same Spaghetti I always make.

Crazy#2- Oh.


( But it’s the Oh with the UGHHHHHH at the end of it!)

Crazy#1- SWEET! LOVE your spaghetti!

( Mom makes silent air pumps…Jersey Shore crew would be proud!)

Crazy #2- Can’t you make the spaghetti different?

Mom- Really dude? Do you think this is a cafeteria?


LONG pause…….

Crazy #2- Weellllll…..??? At school our cafeteria gives us TWO options for lunch everyday.

Mom- That’s awesome! Start having dinner there !!!


Sidenote…….Bree our beloved little terrier? Gave her some dry ass…kibble crap . Costs alot but smells like crap! Ate her food with not a single complaint.

Think I’m gonna start eating dinner with the dog! SHE would have been MORE than happy to eat my spaghetti!



One Response to “Swear to god I’m gonna start eating dinner with the dog!”

  1. Christy Says:

    This could have been the conversation in my kitchen every night last month. adn the month before that and before that. And next month when we run out of dinners people bring us. I definitely could use some help. Let me know how dinners with Bree are. I’m pretty sure Kate (our dog) complains though when seh gets fed, too. I see it in her hesitation at her bowl. Thank god she cant speak.

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